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Complaints Procedure

At Bridge House we pride ourselves on having regular contact with our parents.  Most queries or concerns are resolved quickly and effectively and on an informal basis when raised with staff.    Complainants may be anyone e.g. pupils, parents, guardians, grandparents, neighbours, outside/referring agencies, visitors or anyone with an interest in the work of the School.  Initial complaints may be made by telephone, in person, text, e-mail, or in writing.

Separate procedures apply in the event of a child protection or safeguarding issue.

Stage 1

In the first instance the complainant should contact the School as soon as a concern arises.  This would be either by phone, in person, text, email or in writing.  If phoning, you can leave a message with the office asking for a Teacher to ring you back at the end of the school day.

Where this is not appropriate, or the complainant wishes to have a more formal discussion with a member of staff then a convenient appointment should be arranged.  This should occur within 5 working days of the request for an appointment.

Stage 2

A formal complaint should be made in writing to the Head Teacher, Mr Carl Smith, who will investigate the issue.  An appointment will be made to discuss the problem with the complainant.  This should occur within 5 working days of the complaint.  

Any complaints made against the Head Teacher will be investigated by other members of the leadership team.   The complainant will be informed as to the finding of the investigations in writing if necessary as soon as possible, but no later than 15 working days from the initial communication.

If the complainant remains dissatisfied, the next stage should be followed:

Stage 3

The complainant is entitled to appeal further to discuss the matter with a panel appointed by Mr Carl Smith.  A request for a panel hearing should be made in writing and should include any correspondence and supporting evidence.  The panel will consist of three people who are not directly involved in the matters detailed in the complaint and one of these will be independent of the management and running of the School.

To read our full complaints policy please visit the policies page


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