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Homework Reward Trips

By Stewart Banks

This year has seen further development of our homework schemes, to support students in their learning we have decided to deliver homework rewards. These rewards are tiered dependent on pupil engagement and completion of set tasks.

Reward trips occur for those pupils who have reached the agreed level of completed homework and the expected levels of behaviour. To recognize the importance of these achievements the Student Council has identified a number of activities they wish to see as reward trips.

To date pupils have enjoyed the opportunity to take part in activities such as laser quest and reward meals. In the future trips are planned to further encourage our students with high rope obstacle courses and other exciting rewards.

Children in Need 2019

By Debbie Hitchman

On November 15th 2019 we held our annual Children in Need fundraiser.

Steve Barker made a large lottery board of Pudsey bear pictures in which our pupils could buy one (or several, depending how many bonuses they had to spend) square with bonuses or cash. There was the potential to win the top prize of 300 bonuses! Whoever got the correct bear picture, won the prize.

We also had lots of Children in Need merchandise to sell, including wrist bands, head bands, tote bags and socks. The socks were a big hit and I think we will need to get extra pairs for next time. The pupils and staff alike were incredibly generous and I think we only had one or two of the items left. The whole day was great fun and the pupils really enjoy being a part of a fundraising day. Overall we raised £338.10 a truly impressive amount! Well done to all the pupils and staff.  

Remembrance Day 2019

By Lissy Skinner

On Monday the 11th of November 2019 we held our Remembrance Day, which is also known as Poppy Day, in support of the brave men and women who have given their lives for their countries. As a school we took part in the two minutes of silence with some students reading out  a speech just before the minutes of silence.  

The week before Remembrance Day there were wrist bands and poppies sold to our staff and pupils, who were very generous as the poppies often fell off, so they had to keep buying more. Overall, we raised an astonishing £102.34.  

British Esports Association Rocket League Championship

By Mikey Stubbs

In January the school entered the British Esports Association School Championships, competing in the game Rocket League. For a few weeks prior our students had been practising their skills in the car football game during breaks and lunch times to try and make it into our team.  We were fortunate enough to have copies of the game, along with controllers and headsets donated to the school from a number of companies and individuals in the esports industry, who we would like to thank for their generosity.

We were drawn against two colleges and one secondary school in our group for the competition, and played a number of friendly matches against teams from outside our group as well. Our results were not quite what we hoped for, and the level of competition was definitely very high, so we did not make it out of the group stage, but all of the students who took part enjoyed the experience and represented the school well.

We hope to compete in the competition again for the next season and of course our students will still be able to practise their skills during breaks and lunchtimes going forward.


By Mrs Ellerby

In Spring 2020, Cranwell class won the House Effort Score competition! As our reward, we went to Boston Bowl for a game of Bowling. It was a really close score! As all of Cranwell had also achieved their Me Rewards, we also collected our McDonalds on the way back to school. We had amazing behaviour so Mrs Ellerby even bought us a McFlurry as a treat- it was an amazing day!

Sensory Bus

By Miss Scoot

In Autumn 2019 we had the exciting opportunity to go on the sensory bus. This was a converted bus that came to school with fun sensory activities, allowing the children to explore different sounds, textures and colours. The first theme on the sensory bus was the ocean. The children could play with bubble lights, watch fairy rainbow lights and explore sounds through sound buttons. The children also discovered different games using different textured balls and bean bags. The vibrating pillows and snake were a hit. The touch pad musical system pleased many of the children. The second theme of the sensory bus was Halloween. The bus was decorated with spider webs, ghostly creatures and brightly coloured pumpkin. The children explored their sound sense with spooky music.

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