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Rewards and Sanctions

Behaviour that is rewarded to promote good behaviour can include:

Peer mentoring/good attendance/good homework/good work in class/exam and/or course work success/supporting staff/helping around the school.

BONUSES are rewarded for one of 12 reasons, these are:

1. Getting 4s or 5s in a subject for a whole week

2. Making progress in a subject

3a. Completing excellent schoolwork

3b. Completing a piece of homework

4. Representing the school positively

5. Taking part in a whole school event

6. Taking part in House Time activities

7. Winning a contest or completing a challenge

8. Raising money for charity

9. Helping in the community

10. Helping out in the school

11. Making a good choice

12. Making us proud of you

Behaviour that can carry a sanction may include:

Not complying with the school uniform/swearing/continually disrupting others/being abusive/low level bullying and targeting of others/causing damage to property/causing injury to staff or pupils.

This is an integral part of our school, combining behaviour and mentorship with aspiration, recognising achievement and the promotion of SMSC and British Values. The central part of the scheme is the behaviour system, in which bonuses are awarded for positive actions and penalties for negative actions.

a) There are 13 different ‘bonus criteria’, which are displayed in each classroom. Some promote effort and achievement in lessons, while others are awarded for representing the school, raising money for charity, working in the community, or even making a good choice. These clearly link with the school’s ethos.

b) There is a Reward Shop, in which pupils can use their net ‘bonus balance’ to purchase items. We seek to provide something that every pupil can aspire to having, be it a football, Minecraft book or charity donation voucher.

c) Each pupil also has a Reward Pack, which contains Rewards Cards and is looked after by their House Leader. At regular intervals throughout the year, they are encouraged to record on these cards the bonuses they have received. When they complete a card, they qualify for a gift card. Rewards Packs also contain certificates and achievements gained by the pupils.

d) The Leader of SMSC – working in tandem with Heads of Key Stage and behaviour mentors – sets termly Reward Challenges for pupils. Those who fulfil the challenge (or finish at the top of a leader board) qualify for a Reward Trip. The Reward Challenges change regularly, to keep the system feeling fresh; at time of writing, there is the House Effort Score Challenge and the Homework Challenge.

e) Our most recent addition to the Reward Scheme is also our most ambitious so far: MeRewards. These give individual challenges to pupils (behavioural or academic), leading to personalised rewards. All of this is documented on a MeReward card, which is added to the pupils’ Reward Packs. Progress is checked in weekly MeTime sessions with the pupil’s mentor (which also include paired reading for pleasure). Bespoke MeRewards have also been developed for use by carers and during exams.

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