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Bridge House
Grantham Road
PE21 7NL

Carlton Road Campus
72 Carlton Road
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Bridge House Independent School

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Bridge House Independent School is a limited company registered in England. Registered number: 10984619. Registered office: Grantham Road, Boston, Lincolnshire PE21 7NL

Great Fen Campus
Great Fen Road
PE21 7PB

Rewards and Sanctions

Behaviour that is rewarded to promote good behaviour can include:

Peer mentoring/good attendance/good homework/good work in class/exam and/or course work success/supporting staff/helping around the school.

BONUSES are rewarded for one of 12 reasons, these are:

1. Getting 4s or 5s in a subject for a whole week

2. Making progress in a subject

3a. Completing excellent schoolwork

3b. Completing a piece of homework

4. Representing the school positively

5. Taking part in a whole school event

6. Taking part in House Time activities

7. Winning a contest or completing a challenge

8. Raising money for charity

9. Helping in the community

10. Helping out in the school

11. Making a good choice

12. Making us proud of you

Behaviour that can carry a sanction may include:

Not complying with the school uniform/swearing/continually disrupting others/being abusive/low level bullying and targeting of others/causing damage to property/causing injury to staff or pupils.