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Rewards & Sanctions

At Bridge House we feel it is important for all pupils to be treated fairly and given equal opportunity. Sanctions and actions given or taken by staff will be necessary, reasonable and proportionate. Consistency and patience from staff are vital in all areas of successful behaviour management and teaching and learning. Without good behaviour you cannot have good learning.

All pupils are given a report card.  This will include a score for adhering to wearing of the school uniform. Report cards are to be handed to the teacher at the start of each lesson. At the end of each lesson the teacher will record each pupil’s effort score.  

They will also record all warnings of inappropriate behaviour with strikes and/or penalties. Each pupil has the opportunity of earning possible bonus marks (that have value at the reward scheme shop). This information is used under data analysis to identify patterns and potential triggers of poor and inappropriate behaviour.  It also may trigger a series of learning interventions. All members of staff have the authority to issue warnings, strikes and penalties. This will include detentions. Guidance is provided for staff on occasions where behaviour could warrant an automatic detention.  

Two penalties in the same day will result in an after school detention. Our school makes it clear to pupils and parents/carers that detention outside of school hours is used as a sanction.  Parental consent is not required; however it is the parents/carers responsibility to collect their child from school following a detention.  You can also be awarded bonuses. These are for conducting yourself in such a way that is beyond expectation, typically for supporting a teacher or helping another pupil. You can also get a bonus by achieving three 5’s in one subject per week.

Behaviour that is rewarded to promote good behaviour can include:

Peer mentoring/good attendance/good homework/good work in class/exam and/or course work success/supporting staff/helping around the school.

Behaviour that can carry a sanction may include:

Not complying with the school uniform/swearing/continually disrupting others/being abusive/low level bullying and targeting of others/causing damage to property/causing injury to staff or pupils.

To read our full behaviour policy please visit the policies page

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